Does Rocking Chair Help in Improving Several Medical Conditions?

In the 1900’s itself, a new and surprising treatment took birth for several medical conditions, by the name – the Rocking Chair Therapy. Ranging from normal rocking chairs to Upholstered rocking Chair Reviews. During this time, it was believed to be effective in healing the body in different ways. Since then and even today, several doctors have been recommending and prescribing it, as a regular rocking motion is found to increase mind focus and calm a tensed body, while exercising the weakest of muscles soothingly.


In the mid 1950s, the doctor of John F Kennedy, a former US president, prescribed a rocking chair for reducing his chronic back pain. The former president soon found that such a chair is quite effective healing such pain. This is perhaps because the rocking motion involves the abdominal and thigh muscles to offer a mild form of exercise, boosts knee flexibility and strength, and increases circulation. Well, a rocking chair is not confined to relieving physical pain. It heals a lot more medical conditions as discussed below.


Labor Pain


As per a study in France, pregnant ladies using a rocking chair during labour undergo less pain. Around 50 women participated in the study whose pain scores were computed in three positions namely, rocking, sitting, and lying down. Of all the three positions, the rocking one recorded the least score of 6 out of 10.


The scientific reason behind this is that the rocking motion is akin to the cradle’s motion moving back and forth and picking up a rhythm. According to the Mothering magazine, rocking soothes finicky babies, simulates the inner ear’s balance, and helps in biological development of the small one.


Heart Attack/Stroke


According to a German Doctor Heinrich Addleheim, the rocking chair is effective in recovering from stroke as well as heart attack, without any lasting risk or damage. This made the doctor to believe in the chair as an outstanding medical device. Even here, the motion and muscle relation is believed to be the cause of healing.




Dr. Heinrich Addleheim also agreed that this kind of chair has also made bedridden patients of arthritis to walk around almost within a week of its regular. According to Arthritis Today magazine, it is beneficial to rock, as it is relaxing and soothing enough to boost both joint strength and flexibility, particularly of the knees.




Rocking is also found to be effective for those suffering with fibromyalgia who find it difficult to exercise. This is because it offers non-weighing rhythmic motion that helps in some simple exercising of muscles in an autonomic tone.




According to the University of Rochester, the semi-cyclic action of a rocking chair significantly improves the condition of depression or anxiety disorder, while reducing pain medications and boosting balance. It conducted a study wherein 25 participants between the age of 72 and 95 used the chair for 100 minutes each day. Of these, 11 participants reported up to 33% reduction in tension, depression, and anxiety.


Over-enthused rockers boosted their overall balance, which was perhaps due to stimulated vestibular system that contributes to balance maintenance. Further, rocking leads to release of endorphins to lift up the mood of dementia sufferers apart from relieving pain.